LCC - Remodel Service Agreement


  • Anything not explicitly detailed in the scope of work is excluded from this agreement.
  • Customer understands the importance of being onsite on the first day of the project to pay the balance due on the Sales Invoice and at the end of the project to walk through the job with the installer and sign off on the Completion Certificate.
  • Customer understands and acknowledges that Low Cost Cabinets is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured and authorizes Low Cost Cabinets to work at the project address unsupervised at the customer's discretion.
  • Customer agrees that Low Cost Cabinets is not liable for lost time or wages.
  • Customer agrees that Low Cost Cabinets is not liable for any Hotel Accommodations.
  • Customer agrees that Low Cost Cabinets is not liable for any damage caused by lost power, unplugged appliances, electrical issues, or plumbing issues. Low Cost Cabinets highly recommends scheduling a licensed Electrician and/or Plumber as the customer sees fit.
  • Please provide a working restroom for the crew, access to running water, and a designated place to set up tools.
  • Wall hanging items, including but not limited to pictures, paintings, and/or mirrors should be removed. If you would like to have an item re-hung in the same place simply leave a nail or bracket in place. If there is no intention of having something re-hung in the same place then please remove the nail or bracket and we will fix the nail holes.
  • If you are in charge of the furniture, please have all furniture items placed a minimum of 3 feet away from each wall that is to be painted. Placement of furniture in the center of the room usually works best and will be covered by drop cloths or plastic to ensure their protection and cleanliness.
  • Window treatments including but not limited to blinds, curtains, shades, and window valances should be removed. If they are intended to be re-hung please leave brackets in place and we will paint around them.
  • Remove all valuable items, including electronics, from the room. If the electronics need to stay in the room please disconnect all wires and cords.
  • If we have been contracted to paint your doors and windows please do not remove door knobs or hinges. They will be masked to ensure cleanliness. If painting closets or pantries, please remove all items.
  • Customer understands that in some cases the A/C will need to be turned off.


Subject to the limitation set forth below, for a period of 2 years (24 months) from the date of completion of the work described on the contract. Low Cost Cabinets will repair peeling, bleeding or chipping paint resulting from defective workmanship. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER *Any work where Low Cost Cabinets did not supply the paint or other materials. *Any work which was not performed by Low Cost Cabinets *Varnished Surfaces *Surfaces made or, or containing, galvanized metal. *The cost of paint required to perform the repairs *Repairs to horizontal surfaces or any surface that, by virtue of its design, permits moisture to collect. Surfaces include, but are not limited to, decks, railings, stairs, porches, roofs, and wood gutters. *Exact paint match, as environmental conditions will affect the color and finish of all paints over time. *Any repairs which are necessitated as a result of a defect in the paint, regardless of whether the paint was supplied by Low Cost Cabinets or the customer. *Bleeding caused by knots, rust, or cedar. *Cracks in drywall, plaster, or wood. *Peeling, blistering or chipping where they are caused by ordinary wear and tear, abnormal use or misuse, peeling of layers of paint existing prior to the work performed by Low Cost Cabinets, structural defects, settling or movement, moisture content to the substrate, abrasion or damage due to chemicals or cleaning agents. *Acts of God such as fire, earthquakes etc.


Customer is responsible for any additional cost of labor and material, if needed, to complete the project. Customer understands that there will be additional charges for unforeseen conditions. All Change Orders must be signed by the customer and paid in full prior to work being performed. Customer also understands any change to product, pattern, or layout direction may incur additional expense.


Estimated Delivery Week: The customer understands the delivery date is an estimate and, due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery date could change.


There will be additional charges for any floor prep needed, This includes, but is not limited to, any Grinding, Leveling, Primer & Crack Isolation Membrane. These services are billed at the following rates. Grinding $130 per hour, Leveling $89 per bag, Primer $1. 5 SF, & Crack Isolation Membrane $5 Per LF. Exact Amount won’t be known until Floor is demoed.


Low Cost Cabinets will leave the jobsite broom clean. Customer agrees that Low Cost Cabinets is not responsible for any damage caused by demolition or installation. Low Cost Cabinets highly recommends scheduling a professional cleaning service once the project is complete.


This agreement is between Low Cost Cabinets and the customer. By signing below, the customer agrees that Low Cost Cabinets can order all products and schedule delivery to complete all services listed on the invoice. The customer accepts the Terms & Conditions. The customer agrees to provide a 30% deposit at the time the order is placed and to pay any outstanding balance prior to the product being installed. The customer understands the delivery date is an estimate and, due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery date could change.


Low Cost Cabinets hereby assigns to Customer any and all written manufacturer warranties applicable to the products furnished and/or installed by us for a period of 2-years, beginning at the completion of the installation. If manufacturers’ warranty exceeds the 2-years, that warranty will be honored with respect to material only. This warranty shall be null and void if the customer fails to timely pay the contract price. Warranty claims must be made within the warranty period. This installation warranty is not transferable and shall terminate immediately upon a conveyance, sale or transfer of the property


The customer has 3 business days from the Order Date to cancel. The customer will be charged a 10% cancellation fee for orders that are canceled but not yet picked up or delivered. Low Cost Cabinets may accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of the delivery date. Product must be unassembled, undamaged, and in its original condition and packaging. The customer must provide a receipt for returns, exchanges, or refunds. Returns are subject to a minimum restocking fee of 30% depending on the condition of the returned product. Low Cost Cabinets reserves the right to limit or deny returns.